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Projects I made
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     Than you were engaged, you ask.

     In an operating time in bank Vostok I have written the tabulared processor with the built-in compiler of inquiries and opportunity to import and to export external files in language C.
     At the same time I have written the easy graphic editor with an opportunity of generation slide-show of exe-files and optimization of a palette.
     Then I have written the graphic editor of hierarchical structures of organization of bank.
     But the most interesting work was in bank BashCreditBank. Here I was engaged in a technological and technical part of the project on introduction of non-cash payments on plastic smart-cards. This project has brought to bank more 10 thousand new clients, hundreds shops, network of a bankomats in branches of bank. Card was named "BashCard".
     This program complex was developed by firm "Asoft" (in russian!).
     The new project.See in last news.


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This page was last updated 25 Nov, 1998