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Alexander Surkov






Sr. Oracle Database Administrator




I would like to apply for the Sr. Oracle Database Administrator position, where I can apply my experience in database administration, software support and testing, development or design.














10/1998 Present

Cellular Communication of Bashkortostan




Head of IT department



Designed the whole project of billing system for CCB (Cellular Communication of Bashkortostan (NMT-450i).


Reviewed legacy IT systems from different vendors to design Business/Process/Reengineering (BPR) model for existing system optimization.


Design, testing and support complex billing system on Oracle 7.3 (8i now) DBMS under Solaris 2.7 (Windows NT 4.0 now).
System covers Head Office and one branches with >16,000 accounts of billing abonents.

Billing system consists of two large module

  1. Base billing system (Solaris 2.7; Java; Oracle 8.05);
  2. Prepaid billing system with plastic card (NT 4.0 Server, MS Sql Server 6.5, VB).


Database scheme consists over of 300 tables and 200 views.
Performed DBA-s routines. Created instances, Developed Backup and Recovery Procedures, Stand-by server. Export, Import, and Loading data. Tuning.

Network access problem solving. Hardware problem solving.

Converted data from legacy accounting dbase systems into new billing system. Created and tuned new Oracle 7.3 (under Solaris 2.7) and Oracle 8.05 (under NT 4.0) database instances. Export of the data from production databases. Import the data in CCB environment.

Technology used: Oracle 7.3, 8.05; Sql*Loader, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, MS SQL Server 6.5, SQL Enterprise manager, PLATINUM ERWin ERX 3.5.2, Delphi 4, VB, Windows NT 4.0 Server, Solaris 2.7/8, Novell 4.11.




01/1994 10/1998





Head of technology of plastic cards department



Designed, tested and support General Ledger banking system on
Oracle 6/7 DBMS. Database scheme consists of 200 tables and 100 views.
Designed Backup and Recovery, Export and Import procedures and performed other DBA duties such as tuning, managing database scheme and security managing.
Developed more than 100 reports.

Designed, tested and support processing card BashCard system of republic Bashkortostan.

Technology used: Oracle 7.3, Forms 4.5, Reports2.5, Sql*Loader, Designer 2000,SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, ERWin 2.5, Windows 95/NT, Borland Pascal 6.0, Delphi, Solaris 2.4, SCO Unix.



02/1992 - 01/1994

Bank Vostok




Sr. Software Engineer



Designed, implemented and tested General Ledger banking system on
Foxpro 2.5.

Database scheme consists of 300 tables and 150 views. Developed more than 200 reports.


Designed, implemented and tested Electronic Sheet creator and Generator.

Technology used: Foxpro 2.5, Pascal 6.0, C, Modula-2, Assembler, Novell 3.11.



06/1991 - 01/1992

Project Institute





Sr. Software Engineer



Designed the programming complex LAN security System of BGP, digned Graphics editor and graphics library for BGP.
Technology used: Borland Turbo Assembler , Borland Pascal 3.0.



08/1989 - 05/1991

Institut of Problem of Superplasticity of Metals of AS USSR







Designed the programming complex automatic Control System.
Technology used: Borland Turbo Assembler , Borland Pascal 3.0.



09/1986 - 06/1987








Designed the programming complex automatic Control System.
Technology used: Borland Turbo Assembler , Borland Pascal 3.0.






09/1984 06/1989

MS in Physic

Russian Federation,




Masters Degree



Diploma: Computer modeling of phicical processes





LVS Corp., Authorized Oracle Training

Russian Federation, Moscow





        DB7A Oracle 7 DBA (1): Establishing the Database

        DB7B Oracle 7 DBA (2): Maintaining and Tuning the Database

        AT7 Application Tuning under Oracle V7

        AMP Oracle Products Overview

        SPL Introduction to ORACLE: SQL, SQL*Plus and PL/SQL

        FM3 Application Building in Oracle SQL*Forms V3 and SQL*Menu V5

        IRW Introduction to SQL*ReportWriter








Skill Name

Skill Level

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More than 14 years experience in database administration, software support, testing and programming


Currently used

+14 years



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