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     At one time, when I still was the student, I have taken a great interest in computers.

     My first steps were study of language "Basic" on computers "Electronics 60 ". Computer represented a strongly rustling box, with singing (but very slowly:) trying to execute the unpretentious programs. Sometimes it could not to cope, and then it "hanged".
     Then I have entered the name in a computer class, and some time worked on the Polish computer, named "Mera 60", with operational system RT-60.
     It was the large iron table with the keyboard, monochrome monitor, device of reading of punched cards and 5" diskettes.
     The first time I it was afraid.:))
     The next step - work with a multitask complex in an educational class of University, it (complex:) there was a monster!
     Now I already wrote the Pascal language programs, the assembler and tried on C.
     At last, at me the opportunity has appeared to work on the personal computer (1989 year). It was the progress, anything best I on that moment see! The colour screen EGA, hard disk 20 Mb, 640 Kb of memory... Dream!..
     By then I still wrote the Pascal language programs, With and tried on C ++. Then I have seen the first realization of language of Niklaus Wirth "Modula-2". It was the thing!
     There was possible to write modules in all these languages, using advantage everyone.

     Soon I have engaged in study of control systems of databases (at first Dbase), and then Oracle I had study courses of administration and tuning Oracle Database System.

also all.


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